holistic solutions
to deforestation


Our Mission

We envision a future where the government recognizes people’s right to a robust livelihood in Nan Province, sustained by environmentally and economically supportive farming. 

Rice Field.png


Villagers in Nan Province have lived off the land for centuries, but in 1964, 85% of Nan Province was  declared a national forest. Suddenly, many lifelong residents were illegal inhabitants. To survive, they were incentivized to grow corn, which started an ongoing cycle of low incomes and environmental damage.


What We Do

Nan Sandbox is an innovative public-private venture committed to ending deforestation in Nan province, Thailand. Driven by a unique partnership between the Thai government, villagers, local leaders, and private sector experts, we’re testing concepts designed to be expanded and replicated around the world. 




Our initial experimental region targets the 28% of depleted forest. Here’s how it’s divided:




will be fully dedicated to new strategic crops that are economically and environmentally viable to the area.


will be replanted with trees from  government support. Under those  trees, locals can grow new  crops for earned income.