We envision a future where the government recognizes people’s right to a robust livelihood in Nan Province, sustained by environmentally and economically supportive farming.


1. Reclaiming Land

Nan Sandbox will reclaim more than 550 thousand acres of the degraded forest area- that’s 18% of all forest reserves in Nan.


2. Cultivation Rights

We’ll allow villagers to legally cultivate 28% of the deforested areas, with the understanding that 18% of it will be grown back into national forest.


3. Funding the Transition

Nan Sandbox requires private funding from donors to temporarily support the farmers as they make the difficult change to new and sustainable agricultural practices in Nan.


4. Sustaining Income

To ensure locals don’t revert to deforestation, we need to spread new agricultural knowledge and practices, and focus on crops that generate real and sustainable income for farmers.